Welcome to the Oakville Thunder Volleyball Club! 

The 2021/2022 season has now begun, and we thank you all for joining the Oakville Thunder family.

It has been 1.5 years since the pandemic began, but Oakville Thunder proven to be resilient and returns to this season committed to providing athletes and families a great year ahead.

We welcome all of you to the club and are very excited to get our athletes safely back on the court. Just like the athletes, coaches are excited to return to volleyball again. As we begin to navigate a season full of unknowns, we remain hopeful that this will be a season full of learning, growth, success…and fun!

The Oakville Thunder Volleyball Club is going into its 22nd season and Oakville Thunder has always been a small (but mighty!) family, where our appreciation for coaches, athletes, and volunteers can never be put into words as they are the ones who keep this club going.

After a season cut short last year, our athletes have finally returned to the gyms to prepare for what may be the most anticipated season yet! The OVA has just released an updated format for game play and tournaments, and we look forward to seeing the athletes’ happy faces and hearing the loud cheers fill the gyms again.

Grab your volleyball, lace up your shoes…and get ready for a great year!